Second Exceptional Hardship Argument


Hi, I have just been caught speeding but currently have 12 points on my licence and have already gone exceptional hardship about 3 months ago.

3 of my points are from march 2007 so they have been there for over 3 years are they now discounted ,and is there any way that I can avoid a ban? All help appreciated kind regards

Graham Says:

You are precluded from making a further exceptional hardship argument unless you can establish that there are different grounds available to the first application.

It’s not going to be easy and the court normally consider granted exceptional hardship as a last chance.

You are still going to be at risk of a totting ban even though three of the points have lost effective. They have only lost effect if the most recent offence was after March x.

I will be happy to help you try and establish different grounds. I have just over a 92% success rate with these arguments but that relates to first exceptional hardship arguments.

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