No Speed Limit Signs!!


I was doing 37mph as the summons stated but I feel it was unfair because of the reason stated below:

I came from home and traveled along the x

I was driving my partners car at the time and was on route to take the dog for a walk. The car needed fuel and I did a detour and turned right to travel on the road toward x for petrol.

I had only approx half a mile to travel to the garage. I bought fuel and oil at the garage for which I have the receipt which has the time on it. From the garage I traveled back along the same road as I came along x and this is where I noticed the camera flash.

I said to my partner that as the flash had gone off I was doing no more than 40mph and why did the flash go off? On the return journey from taking the dog for her walk I deliberately went back along the route and this is my mitigation.

From the place I turned onto the x to the garage and back, there are NO speed limit signs. The camera warning signs have no limit warnings on them. The last speed limit I had seen was 40mph and so I was led to believe that the limit in that area is 40mph and I was in fact doing less than that.

I feel that this is deceptive and confusing, shouldn’t there be some sort of speed limit sign every so often? Or a speed limit notice on the camera warning sign?

Louise Says:

These days its all about whether or not the signage was adequate. It does not have to strictly follow the rules.

In any event this is probably a 30 limit due to a system of street lighting. In the absence of signs a system of street lighting automatically makes it a 30 limit and we are all supposed to know that I’m afraid.

Have you got Any points already? You will probably get the speed awareness course for this rather than 3 points if you have not done the speed awareness course before.

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