Get Yourself Off A Speeding Ticket – Guaranteed !!


Do not use online letter packs that claim to “Get yourself off a Speeding Ticket – Guaranteed!”

No two cases are the same. You must not mislead the police. A pro forma letter is not necessarily going to be relevant to the circumstances of your case.

The road traffic police have seen them all a thousand times before.

This is a Sky News article about letter packs that can be purchased online which claim to get you off a speeding ticket.

Don’t buy them and if you do – use them at your peril. The police have seen them all before!

They generally don’t believe them and if you send a standard letter which is not relevant to the facts of your case you risk misleading the police and being accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Every case is unique. If you are worried about a speeding ticket send us a free question and we will give you specific and safe road traffic legal advice on the best way forward.


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