The Police Can Park Where They Want


Hi, is it legal for a police camera van to be parked on a hard shoulder on a blind bend to set up a speed trap? Dangerous i think? I was zapped speeding, 62 in a 50, not fair i cried!

Later the same day they were on the other side of the carrigeway, but set up off the carrigeway up on a police layby hump and in full view. That is a fair place & if caught speeding here that’s a fair cop!Any advice would be much appreciated.

Louise says:

I’m afraid the police can park wherever they want to detect speeding offences. There are various guidelines, but if they fail to comply with them to does not provide you with a defence I’m afraid.

The only decent defence to speeding is if you can cast a doubt open the reliability of the police evidence or there has been a major procedural flaw that again affects the reliability of the evidence.

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