System Of Street Lighting – No Speed Limit Signs


Alleged Offence: Speeding

On x, I was driving along Newcraig Road near Motherwell which is a part dual carriageway through wasteland heading towards some new build housing developments. On the stretch of road that is dual carriageway, I was caught by traffic police speed gun doing 46mph.

There are no signs advising of the speed limit and I genuinely assumed that the limit was 50mph. I saw the police and didn’t attempt to slow as I was certain I was within the limit.

When pulled over I was advised that it was a 30mph limit as it was a built up area. This is not the case and the road I was on is well away from the new build development. I pleaded my innocence stating that there were no signs and the police officer agreed that there were no signs but as I had come from a 30mph limit on the previous road I should ‘assume that the limit had not changed’.

Having looked up the road on the Internet, it appears that the police are preying on unsuspecting motorists unaware of the speed limit. If it was a genuine concern, why are there no signs up? Can you let me know if you think I have a case to argue or if I should accept the fine and 3 penalty points.

Louise Says:

I’m afraid that there does not need to be warning signs regarding the speed trap. Also a 30 mph limit can be denoted by a system of street lighting – so in the absence of street signs you have to assume that it’s a 30 limit if there is a system of street lighting.

Not many people know that.

It’s covered by the Road Traffic Regulations Act I’m afraid. The rule has been in place since 1988.

I have had a look at Google earth and there is a system of street lighting on the road in question.

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