Multicar Policy


I recently borrowed a friends van on the advice by my partner Meg that we had a multicar policy, comprehensive and that she believed we had 3rd party insurance on any vehicle.

I was stopped by the police given a producer it transpires she was wrong. Problem is I have 7 points collectively for 2 camera speeding offences from x I am worried about losing my license can I plead my case.

Dominic says:

If you were misled into thinking that you were covered then you will have a special reasons argument to try and avoid the points. The court will have to decide whether or not they accept that it was reasonable for you to think that you were covered. I think the you have a reasonable argument and good prospects of success.

If you fail you will get another 6 points at least and this will mean that you are liable for a 6 month totting ban.

You can avoid this type of ban if you can show the court that you or those that rely on you would suffer exceptional hardship as a result.

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