No Insurance – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


Was driving my Wife to hospital when my car was hit by a car pulling from the curb. I was going slowly but he still hit me and caused damage to the wing of my car but no damage to his. I filled out an insurance claim with my insurer online only to discover that my policy was not automatically renewed as I expected it to be in previous years.

There is no police involvement and my old company have reinsured me today. I have swapped contact details with the other driver who did say that he was insured by the same company.

I know I should have check the renewal but I’m more concerned with the driving without insurance than the damage to my car caused by the third party who admitted fault and said sorry.

I’m assuming its best not to contact the other driver and hope this goes away? And tell my insurance to drop my claim which is invalid in any case as the policy was expired.

Any views on what I should do?

Paula Says:

I agree. If any claim is made against you then you should try and settle it personally if appropriate. You are under not duty to drop yourself in it and you certainly don’t want 6-8 points for a no insurance matter.

If the other chaps insurance company come after you you have to tell the truth. For the moment I suggest you let sleeping dogs lie.

the only other concern is the duty to report an accident if damage is caused. You are supposed to do this within 24 hours of the accident and if you don’t you can get 5-10 points. you are going to have to make a judgement call on that front. The duty still exists even if you exchange details.

If you do get prosecuted for anything come back to me.

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