Me, Mum And Dad Drive The Car


Both my parents and myself drive the car.

The road the speed camera photographed my car on is very close to my home. It is the street the local shops are on and where we buy bread almost everyday. My parents use my car as it is parked on the street and is quicker for them if just popping down the shops than getting their cars out of the garden.

I have viewed photos on line but they were no help. Asked police for copies of photos to see if we could see who was driving. I have now been told I am going to be taken to court.

We have tried to remember who had the car at the time but can’t. Don’t we get a time period to try and assess who it was? I filled in part 5 and signed part 6. Was I wrong to sign part 6 as I have now been told the matter will go to court. We did not get copies of the photos.

Dominic Says:

It sounds as though you have done your best to figure out who was driving at the time of the alleged offence. This means that you have a potential defence to the allegation and you should plead not guilty when the summons arrives.

The risk if that the court don’t agree that you have done your best and give you 6 points and a fine and court costs.

I can help you with this matter. I defend over 95% of these allegations and I would be happy to assist. If you want me to get involved early and try and dissuade the police from issuing a summons in the first place then I will be happy to assist.

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