Name But No Contact Details


Notice of intended prosecution (NIP)

Hi I got this on the x I have asked for a photo and received it as it is unclear to who was riding the motorbike I sent another letter saying so and that it could have been a acquaintance riding not me but I was unable to give a name or an address.

I have just received a letter back dated x they are referring it to court can I now admit guilt and send in the notice of intended prosecution or will it now go to court, if I can’t give a name or address will I still be prosecuted in court?

Dominic Says:

Was this person definitely insured to drive your bike? It’s probably too late to name yourself as the driver now and in any event you should not do that unless you are absolutely sure.

The bottom line is that the police don’t believe you. You will get a summons for failing to name the driver and this carries 6 points. have you got any points already? If so, how many?

You have to provide sufficient details for the police to be able to contact the person and they then need to agree that it was them driving. If we can get the court to accept that you did your best to figure it out or that you did name the person driving then you will have a defence.

I defend over 95% of these allegations and get over 83% withdrawn without trial. Would you like my help?

Can you tell me a bit more.

Come back to me with more information and I will be happy to assist further.

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