I Have Never Committed A Speeding Offence And Never Would


Speeding at 36 miles?

I am 69 years old retired x, have been driving for over 40 years and lived in x for 35 years. Never been charged for any speeding offence.

I was driving my son’ car on x in x. This is x Road, with two fast lanes on each side and speed limit is 40 miles entering from x Road end. I have traveled on this road hundreds of times.

The speed reduces to 30 mph after 2 to 3 miles when we reach a school. I am aware of all these conditions.

On x I was driving my son’s x. It was a bright sunny day. Schools were closed due to Summer Vacations and at 13.16 hours there was not a single vehicle or human in the front or behind my car on this vast wide road.

As I am fully aware about the speed limits on this road I was certainly NOT SPEEDING AT 36 MPH as alleged.

I do not drive over 60 mph even on motorways when I take my normal 14 year old x to visit my son in x.

I am very upset to be treated this way. I am a heart patient, had a bi-pass operation some years ago I want to plead not guilty and go to prison if necessary.

Please Advise?

Louise Says:

If you are adamant that you were driving within the legal limit at the time of the alleged offence then you should reject the fixed penalty offer and ask for a court hearing. At court you will have to cast a doubt on the police evidence in order to defend yourself.

You will have to show that the police evidence is unreliable. What kind of device do the police say that they were using at the time of the alleged offence? Was it a GATSO camera? If so we can do a secondary check using the lines on the road to check the speed alleged.

If it was a Laser gun then we will have to take the matter to court to try get to see the evidence and then try to persuade the CPS/court that the police evidence is unreliable.

If you are really determined to fight this matter I will be happy to assist. I charge private fixed fees for my services but if we win you will get at least some of those fees if not all of them back. I defend over 95% of the cases that I take on and get over 83% withdrawn without trial.

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