Special Reasons For Medical Emergency?


A camera van recorded my car at 37mph in a 30mph zone. There are no speed markings on the road. I have three points on my licence for speeding 30 dating back to 2007, and do not want this again.

In mitigation, I was taking my 13 year old daughter to the hospital with suspected broken ankle (I have proof). She was in considerable pain and making quite a commotion in the car as a result. This took my attention away for a second and I was clocked 7 seconds after leaving my drive and proceeding up the road as a result.

To add to this, I was driving my wife’s new car that I am unfamiliar with – a large Volvo estate – and 37mph in that thing feels like 20mph to the uninitiated. I need my licence for my job – self employed handy man.

Question: will my excuse be likely to gain the sympathy of the judge, or am I wasting his and my time by arguing my case hoping to be let off with a warning?

Dominic Says:

You probably wont get off at the police stage. You do have a chance of persuading the court to find special reasons on the basis that it was a medical emergency. This would mean that you avoid the penalty points.

The crown prosecution service may agree to withdraw the proceedings if they agree it’s a good argument and that’s it not in the public interests to pursue the matter to court.

If you would like my help with this matter then I will be happy to assist and I think that we have good prospects.

Please bear in mind that I charge private fixed fees for my services.

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