New Driver 19 Points In Total!


I gained 16 points on my provisional license and gained full UK in April x. I went to court and was allowed to keep my full license due to hardship?

Since becoming a full UK driver I have accumulated a further 3 points for allegedly driving through a red light although this is contrary!

Please indicate what course of action to take?

Provisional: (15 points)

Full UK: (3 points)

14 points expire between June – October x!

I have now been instructed that my entitlement is revoked due to me gaining the further 3 points.

DVLA STATED I only had to receive another point to lose entitlement, however I was never informed of this.

Please provide feedback asap?

Louise Says:

I’m afraid the DVLA are right.

You did well to persuade the court not to ban you under the totting up rules when you got 16 points as a provisional licence holder. If you made the exceptional hardship argument to the court within the last three years then you cannot use the same exceptional hardship argument again this time.

The points will have remained on your licence and this means that unless at least 10 had dropped off by the date of this alleged offence you will be facing a 6 month totting ban again.

The New Drivers Act states that if you accumulate 6 points or more and the most recent offence is within the probationary period (this is why you didn’t get revoked when you were on a provisional) then your licence is revoked. They is no discretion I’m afraid.

The only hope you have is to persuade the court to give you a discretionary ban for this most recent offence rather than the points or successfully defend it! But by the sound of it you have taken the points already – in which case its too late.

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