NIP Sent To Last Known Address


S81(1)rtra 84 sch 2 rtoa 88

I have received notice that I was doing 40 in a 30 zone. It’s a road I do use and am aware of occasional parked cameras so it is possibly correct. However the issue date of this notice is x/2010 and the offence is dated as x /2010 (3 months later). I have not moved recently and the car has been mine for 4 yrs (though on checking it is still registered at my old address).

Should I just accept it and get the registration of the car sorted. I have one sp50 on my licence from x for another car I own which is registered at my current address. Does the 3 month delay nullify the nip and if not can I do a driving course.

Rob Says:

I’m afraid the police only have to send the notice to the last known address of the registered keeper. This means that they will have complied with s.1 RTOA 1988 of the sent the NIP to your old address and you won’t have a defence on that basis.

If you accept that you were traveling at the speed alleged then you should name yourself as the driver and take the fixed penalty offer I’m afraid.

The speed alleged is too high for the speed awareness course. They only allow you to do the course up to 39 mph in a 30 limit.

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