14 Days From Date Of Offence


Exceeding 50mph speed limit

Recorded speed of x mph at x hours on 22/9/x. The notice of intended prosecution was sent to me on 7/10/x – is this classed as outside of the 14 days notice period and if so is there anything I can do?

Rob Says:

You discount the date of the alleged offence and start counting from the next day. The police would needed to send the NIP by the 5th at the latest to have stood any chance of getting the NIP to you within the 14 days allowed.

Are you the registered keeper of the car in question? If so can you think of any reason why the police would have had trouble tracking you down.

If not you may have a defence to the original speeding matter but you would still need to name the driver.

Have you got any penalty points on your licence already? If so, how many?

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