Officer Told Me I Will Get 6 Penalty Points For Using Phone?


Driving whilst on the phone


I was stopped for driving whilst on the phone, but the officer said to me you will receive 6 points and a £200 fine.

I believe the max penalty points is 3, not sure about the fine, but please advise as to the law!

Also, the officer did not take any details from me, license, address, name nothing. Isn’t that strange?

Please reply via email as I cannot answer the phone at work.

Thank you very much for the advice.

Paula Says:

The maximum penalty is six points. Has the officer told you that you are going to get a summons to court or did he give you a fixed penalty offer?

You will probably get a summons in the post.

Do you accept the alleged offence? Have you got any penalty points already? If so, how many?

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