One Officer, No Video


I was stopped by ONE ps in a UNMARKED car. We set off from traffic lights she on inside lane and I on middle lane. Had not realised this was unmarked car.

She stopped me after about 0.4 miles as I turned left into side road. She claimed I was speeding and issued FIXED PENALTY NOTICE (endorsable offence) – OFFENCE CODE – H 089.

She was ALONE in car and I did not notice any recording equipment.

She signed on form PS x.

I am not sure what my speed was but driving safely for the conditions. Can you advise help

Louise Says:

If you deny you were speeding you should reject the ticket. If you admit you were speeding you should take the ticket.

Officers often detect speed on their own and don’t have to have video equipment. Their witness statement is often sufficient.

The officer must corroborate her option of your speed and I anticipate that she has done this by comparing your speed to a calibrated speedometer in her car. She has to follow you for at least 0.2 miles to do this.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you were driving safely. The only issue that the court will consider is whether or not you were speeding.

Come back to me if you deny speeding.

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