I have tried to contact safecam to question the legitimacy of the laws they are enforcing, when they were parked, in what form, and who authorises them with the power to threaten myself, a completely law abiding citizen, with court actions and huge fines for going 3mph over an allowable speed limit.

I have also asked them for the name of their Ltd company. On all counts they have told me they do not intend to reply nor extend my 28 notice to court.

Dominic Says:

You simply need to name the driver at the time of the alleged offence otherwise you will get 6 points for failing to do so.

The police are entitled to prosecute people where they have a reasonable suspicion that an offence has occurred. The speed limit is 30 and if they have evidence that your car was traveling at 36mph and the court accepts that evidence beyond reasonable doubt then you will be convicted.

If you can cast a doubt then you will be found not guilty. There is no allowable limit of 33mph.

The law is contained within r.89 RTA 1988.

They will not engage in lengthy debates with you as to the legitimacy of the law. It is well established and tested and you will get nowhere I’m afraid.


I have requested when and where are these laws were defined and retained, and who authorises an independent corporation to administer fines to the public. I have been fined unjustly a number of times now with no chance of discussion nor appeal.

I do not wish to passively sit back and “get nowhere” w.r.t. to the apparently unquestionable traffic laws. It is not even clear from the correspondence who is fining me and they are refusing to identify their organisation (safecam?). In my view I did not commit an offence nor put anyone including my passengers at any risk of harm.

Thank you for replying so far, and I fully appreciate if you are not able to meet my enquiry any further.

Dominic Replies;

Safecam is an organisation set up by the police to deal with speeding matters and the fixed penalty system.

If you deny the allegation just reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing – then you get your right to a fair trial. You will get substantial court costs awarded against you though if you take it to court and you don’t have a defence. If you accept the speed take the ticket. Easy.

If you don’t name the driver you will get 6 points and around a £600 fine.

You are not going to get anywhere with the arguments you raise.

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