Why Me Stopped For Speeding?


I was caught speeding doing 39 in 30 mile limit. Although I did not see van with camera I am sure I wasn’t doing 39 mph. Also a colleague from work was driving her car in front of me.

So I was following her yet she has not been caught speeding but I have. How do I contest this, or do I just take the 3 points?


Louise Says:

If you do not accept that you were speeding you should reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing. You will have to cast a doubt on the officer account of events to win at court. the officer has to prove his case beyond reasonable doubt.

Bear in mind that if you take it to court and lose then you risk higher fines and court costs. If you would like my help defending this matter I will be happy to assist and defend over 95% of the cases that I take on.

The court will treat it as irrelevant that your friend was not stopped. The police can generally only detect one person at a time and its just bad luck it was you.

Come back to me if you want to take this matter to court.

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