Is it a conspiracy?


I was caught speeding by a radar gun van on the M6 in Cumbria. The speed that they clocked me at was 96mph. There are two issues.

1) While I admit that I was speeding I don’t believe that I was going any quicker than 90mph
2) I believe that 96mph is conveniently the cut off for automatically requiring a court appearance, had I been at 95mph I would have got off with a more lenient penalty

What are my options?

Louise Says:

If you admit speeding then you are going to be convicted at court. You will need to try and agree with the prosecution that you plead guilty based on a lower speed than the officer alleges.

If the CPS don’t agree then you will have to have a Newton Hearing if the court feels that the difference between the two versions is so great that it would make a material difference to the penalty imposed. If the court doesn’t think it would make a difference then the court will sentence you based on your version of events.

The speed alleged will be down to the reading from the speed detection device. Its not a conspiracy to get you to court.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many? Are you a new driver? You are going to be at risk of 4-6 points for this speed.

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