Past Stop Line When Lights Changed To Red


Got flashed on red (turning right)?


I was turning Right and I already crossed the white line as far as I remember my car was on the pedestrian crossing position signaling right. There were 2 cars on front of me waiting to turn right so I could not proceed because of them.

And when light changed from green to amber and red the 2 cars in front of me moved away turned right. But I didn’t move on as felt to wait for green light. Few seconds later there were 2 cars behind me. And I saw camera flashes.

Now I was wondering why the camera flashed? Was it for me? Or another car?

Will I receive a penalty notice? If so how can I appeal? How the process work?

Do I think I made any offence? I didn’t go on red light. I was turning right on green crossed the white line waiting for red to come and turn right. But my car was still stationery. But when signal light changed and I saw a flash.

Can you please advise me?

Additional Details

Highway Code Rule 192.

Doesn’t give points on licence isn’t it?

Even if it’s against 192 it does not get points on licence for this?

Does it take 2 photographs?

If so as my car was stationery it can’t prove any motion or violation isn’t it right?

Graham Says:

There is no point in going into the academic arguments about this matter at the moment. If you had already crossed the stop line when the lights turned red then you should be okay.

You need to wait and see whether or not you get a notice of intended prosecution. If you do then come back to me and I will be happy to have a look at the evidence for you.

Could you please ask for a copy of the photo evidence if they do send a NIP through and we will go from there.

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