Accused Of Running Red Traffic Light


Hi, I’m a taxi driver who was stopped at 3.55am on a very wild and wet morning on my way home from work, it was just normal police in a normal van whom accused me of running a red light on which I swear it was amber.

The police were at a right angle to me and could not see from where they were positioned the white line I broke on amber and maybe never even saw the 2 white lines on my side were staggered in my favour.

Am I in a no win situation due to there being 2 of them and one of me ?

Graham Says:

Not necessarily. The police have to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt to win. You only have to cast a doubt to win.

You need to reject the ticket if you want to contest the allegation – but bear in mind that its still an offence if you admit going through on amber – not many people know that!!

You can defend going through on amber if you can show that it wasn’t safe to stop.

Come back to me if I can assist further and you want to take this matter to trial.

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