Red Traffic Light Offence


It was a hire car. I was probably driving. I recall missing my turning off the A road then turning right, across the road, and into the railway station, then going back along the A road the opposite way. I don’t recall any traffic lights. Apparently my recorded speed was 16 (SIXTEEN), mph.

Devon and Cornwall Police say they have photo or video evidence.

Can I ask to see this evidence?

Can I ask to see the calibration certificates?

Can I ask to see where these traffic lights actually are, because I don’t remember them?

Graham Says:

You only have a right to see the photograph of the alleged offence. You don’t have a right to see any other evidence until you have rejected a fixed penalty and asked for a court hearing.

If you then plead guilty or you get convicted you are at risk of higher fines and court costs compared to the fixed penalty. It’s a gamble I’m afraid. You can only defend the allegation if you cast a doubt a doubt on the fact that you contravened the light then you will win at court.

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