Penalty Point Ban – 9 Points Already


I’m looking at a ban because I got hit with a letter saying I was doing 43mph in a 30 zone. Then only days later I received another letter say that in fact I was not being done for the first thing and I was actually being done for going through a red light I already have 9 points on my licence.

I really need my car for work as the cost of getting the train everyday is a lot more that driving, this I can’t afford. Please advise me on what to do?

Graham Says:

You need to argue that the ban would cause you or those that rely on you exceptional hardship.

I can help you with this argument. I help almost 90% of my clients avoid this type of ban.

I charge a fixed fee for my services but I would be happy to assist if you are interested comeback to me and I will do a free advice call with you.

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