Penalty Points For No Insurance Offence?


I was driving my friend’s car. I had insurance on my car. But company canceled it because I canceled direct debit from my account, because I was going back home for holidays my father died.

I came back, my company removed me from job and it was sort of company house. So I didn’t go to that town after. So I didn’t received any letter from company. So how many points I am going to get?


Paula Says:

I have found your question difficult to understand. If you accept that you were uninsured and that you don’t have a special reasons argument to avoid the points then you will get 6-8 points and a hefty fine I’m afraid.

I can help you try and avoid the points if you genuinely thought you were insured? Tell me more If you want my help.

Have you got any points already? Are you a new driver?

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