Teaching Learners To Drive In Car Parks


Please, please please remember that you have to have insurance, licence etc etc to drive a car on a public road or in a public place……….

Emma Says:

Over the last few months I seem to have had a influx of questions from people who have either been caught driving, have allowed a provisional driver (learners) to practice driving without insurance (etc) in public car parks or on industrial estates.

You are not allowed to do this even if the Road/car Park etc is really quiet!

If the public have access to the road / industrial estate etc (the fact you are there suggests that they do) – then the road/place is covered by the Road Traffic Acts.

If you get caught letting a youngster (or learners) “have a go” you will be at risk of 6-8 points for permitting them to drive without insurance. They will be at risk of driving without insurance, which carries 6-8 points as well.

If the new driver gets any more points in the first two years their licence is revoked instantly and they have to do a full retest.

The points on the new drivers licence may well render them uninsurable when they do pass their test.

Please think first and make sure that they are insured ……..!


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