Permitting No Insurance


I believed my partner was insured 3rd party on my car to drive. So he did once with me in the vehicle. It turns out that my policy did not cover him and he is in court for No Insurance.

He has pleaded guilty with special circumstances. However the court wish me to attend as a witness. I am worried that I can be charged with Permitting him to drive. Please advise, can this happen even though he has pleaded guilty?

Paula Says:

The court conducts a mini trial when they are deciding whether or not someone has special reasons to avoid the points.

They could suggest that you permitted him to drive without insurance or even that you caused him to drive without insurance.

This would carry 6-8 points for you.

What was the date of the alleged offence though? If that was over 6 months ago then they maybe outside of the limitation period. If they did accuse you, you would have a defence on the basis that the permission was subject to a condition that he was insured and you would have the same special reasons argument.

Would you and your partner like my help with this matter. I am very good at making special reasons arguments and sometimes I can get the CPS to withdraw the allegation on the basis that it is not in the public interest to prosecute.

Come back to me if you would like my help.

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