Driving Uninsured Car – Have My Own Insurance


A friend of mine has lost his licence through drink driving. He reckons I can drive his car on my fully comprehensive insurance and be covered third party legally, Could you please let me know.

Paula says:

You can drive your friends car on the basis that you have fully comprehensive insurance that covers you to drive a vehicle owned by another person with their permission. You have to make sure there is nothing in your policy that precludes you from driving their car if the other person is uninsured or banned.

Every policy is different and you must check the terms. The police may stop you on the basis that the car is not insured in its own right on the insurance database and a lot of police officers will still think that you are committing an offence even though you have your own cover.

I think they are wrong but it will depend on the terms of your particular policy do so you have to be careful.

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