The Photos Only Show The Car And Not The Driver


I was issued with a notice of intended prosecution for a speeding violation captured by a mobile detection unit. I did not admit liability and did not complete and return the form identifying the driver.

I requested photographic evidence. They responded saying they only had photos of the car and not the driver. Where do I stand? Please advise?

Dominic Says:

The photo evidence is only designed to identify the car and not the driver in the vast majority of cases. The police are then empowered to ask you to name the driver and if you don’t you get 6 points for failing to do so. If you know who was driving then you must tell them.

Your case is the same as the vast majority of cases out there. If you fail to name the driver then they will not be able to get you for the speeding offence but they will get you for an offence that carries more points instead.

If you don’t know who was driving then I will be able to help you further.

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