Speeding – 46 MPH in a 30


I was caught speeding doing 46 miles per hour, in a 30 mile zone. I have had a clean licence for over 22 years.

What advice can you give to me regarding this, as I have not yet returned the form to Essex Police.

 Louise Says:

The first question is whether or not you accept traveling at the speed alleged. If you do and you have been offered a fixed penalty ticket then you should take it otherwise you will get higher fines and court costs if you take the matter to court and lose.

If you dispute the speed alleged then you should reject the ticket and take the matter to court if you think you can cast a doubt on the officer’s account of events.

You should only do this if you are really determined. I can help you at court if you would like me to represent you but I charge a fixed fee for my services and you don’t get legal aid.

At court if you lose you will get higher fines and court costs.

If you take the matter to court we get to see the officers evidence and its only at that stage that I can advise you whether or not he has done his job properly. I will look at his evidence for you for free.

Come back to me if you are determined to defend this matter. Have you been offered a fixed penalty? Have you got any points already if so how many?

You have to return the form naming yourself as the driver if you know that was the case otherwise you risk 6 points for failing to do so.

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