No White Lines In Front Of The Speed Camera


I have received an ‘intention to prosecute’ from the Hertfordshire Safety Camera Partnership’. The flash came from the front and on the other side of the road, there was no camera behind me.

Is this legal given that there were no speed line markings on either side of the road. How can they gauge the speed without them? Thank you.

Louise Says:

The speed will come from either a radar inside the device if its a GATSO or from pressure pads under the road. The lines on the road are a method of doing a secondary check and must be present if its an unmanned device.

I assume this was a manned device if there were no white lines or markings on the road. Ask the police for an answer to that questions and come back to me if you need my help and still remain concerned.

Do you have any points already? What’s the speed alleged?

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