Possible 12 Points


I already have 6 points on my licence from 2 speeding offences incurred in last 16 months. (My first endorsements for 10 years) I had a crash last Friday on motorway when car suddenly veered left. Police have taken car away to exam for mechanical defects.

I was warned by police at scene of accident I may be prosecuted for careless driving and have another 6 points on licence. If this is the case and I end up with 12 points can you help me?

Emma says:

Yes I can help you. We are going to have to wait and see whether or not the police decide to prosecute.

The burden is on them to show that there was no mechanical defect. Hence the fact they have taken the car to check it.

It may be possible to persuade the police to let you do the driver improvement course – this would mean that you avoid points, fines etc. and then won’t be facing a 12 points totting up ban.

Have the police said when they are going to get back to you? Was anyone hurt?

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