Another Totting Up Ban!


My daughter lives in Glasgow and has just accumulated 12 points on her licence over a period of about 2 years and 6 months. She is a single mum of 2 young girls (6 & 5). The 6 year old attends school about 6 miles away and the younger one is at nursery about 3 miles from home.

My daughter works about 60 hours per week for not much more then the minimum wage. She starts work at 6:00am and can be there until 22:00. The loss of her licence would be catastrophic for her and the children as she would not be able to get the girls to school or herself to work.

Public transport to the locations is not practical as it would take so long to get there or does not run at the times she needs it. She has no family locally to support her.

Her mother and I live 55 miles away so cannot be there to do all the fetching and carrying if she was banned for totting up points. Any ban would mean that she would need to give up her work and change the location of the school which would be extremely harmful for everyone and who are still coming to terms with the marriage break up.

In your opinion, would she have a case under the Exceptional Hardship route ? Many thanks in advance for your help.

Graham Says:

She has a very strong argument, but that isn’t always enough I’m afraid. I have just been liaising with another lady who had a very strong argument and lost. The magistrates suggested it would be a mere inconvenience not to be able to drive!! It was a similar argument to your daughters.

We know that only 39% of these arguments succeed according to the ministry of justice figure so she is going to have to prepare very carefully and support her argument with evidence wherever possible.

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