Totting Up Ban – My Business Will Suffer



I have 10 points on my licence and have just been caught for a PC32. I’m a self-employed builder and losing my licence is going to be a major problem as driving to and from work is key to me earning money.

If I lose my licence I will lose my house (rented), my van (business loan) and most of my clients (they will be forced to use someone else). What is the chance of me keeping my licence?

Points so far:

3 for being on phone

4 sp30 (working away and missed handing in my licence by 1 day)

3 sp30

3 pc30 (pending).

I have no kids or mortgage but my job impossible without licence.

Please help.

Graham Says:

Its sounds like you may have a strong exceptional hardship argument to avoid the ban if you can show that your business will be damaged if you cannot drive. How long has the business been running? Do you manage to employ other people as well as yourself? If so, how many?

Have you built up some good clients over the years. Tell me more. These arguments are not easy and the ministry of justice figures suggest that only 39 % of them succeed. We succeed just over 90% of the time at the moment.

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