Red Light – I Crossed The Stop Line And Then Stopped


Failing to stop at red lights

Unfortunately i have had 2 notifications of prosecutions through in 4 days.

1. x/10. I was driving saw the lights change and stopped. The road conditions were quite wet and I was traveling at 35 mph in a 40 area. I stopped but my front wheels were over the line by 1 to 1.5m but my rear wheels were behind the line. I also reversed back to ensure no obstruction.

However the camera triggered when I stopped. I contacted the Leicester constabulary who said that even by stopping just over the line I had gone through the light. I feel this is very unfair. I could braked harder I suppose but it was my partners car which I was not yet used too.

2. The second was on x/10. I looked at the top lights (the ones for lorries) because I was also looking at the road direction signs. I estimate that I was again traveling at 35 mph in a 40 area and about 2-2.5 seconds from the line when I saw the top lights as green. I traveled on and got flashed. The photographic evidence does not show the top lights but the lower lights to right of the car.

As my rear tyre crossed the line it says the light had been red for 2.75 secs and the second photo was 3.25. I am fairly confident of the gap between the car and the line when I last looked. I therefore think it impossible for the light to have gone from green to red with 2.75 seconds duration into the red.

The photo does not show the top lights and so the only possible error is that the lights were not synchronized or that I made a personal error.

I definitely want to contest the first and I am waiting for the photographic evidence to make sure my rear wheel was not over the line. However the second I am not sure about as I am not sure the above points I made will be believed or stand up in court.

I have a clean record till now and I am doctor which I hoped may stand for something. I cannot find any information on the internet as to the rules that govern them and so I was hoping you may be able to help me.

many thanks

Graham Says:

I can help you with this matter and your assessment regarding the two offences is realistic.

I think you could challenge the first on the basis that there are special reasons for the offence. This may enable you to avoid the points. The prosecution may even agree to withdraw the proceedings on the basis that there was no criminality on your part.

The offence is committed when any part of your vehicle proceeds beyond the stop line. You cannot defend the allegation if you go across while the lights are on red but you can argue special reasons. Its an offence if you go through on amber but you have a defence if you can show that it was not safe to stop.

I anticipate that you went across on red which is why I am suggesting a special reasons argument rather than a defence. this still involves taking the case to court and giving evidence on oath if we cannot get the matter withdrawn.

On the second allegation you will really struggle I’m afraid. I think that you need to take that matter on the chin.

The prosecution will probably be able to prove that the lights were working just fine and this will probably be shown in the photos.

I can help you with the first matter. We are very good at special reasons arguments. I charge a fixed fee of £700 plus vat to deal with these matters on behalf of my clients. If I get the matter withdrawn you will get your legal costs back. I get over 83% of my cases withdrawn.

Are you a new driver? Have you got any penalty points already? If so, how many?

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