Warnings For Road Traffic Offences Rather Than Fixed Penalties


I was riding my scooter and came up to a set of lights that was flashing yellow, I carried on riding as I thought I could beat the red light. As I went through it may have just turned red. It would have been too dangerous for me to try and stop. The police pulled me over and wrote a ticket out and said I will get 3 points.

The police could have easily stopped me and give me a warning but they didn’t. The reason I didn’t stop was because I deemed it to dangerous to stop.

Graham Says:

If you went through on amber you have a defence if you can show that it was not safe to stop. If you went through on red you cannot defend the allegation I’m afraid unless you are saying that you did not go through on red.

The police always give a ticket. They rarely give warnings for road traffic offences.

Have you got any penalty points already? If so, how many?

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