Cannot Remember Speeding?


The NIP just says that there is a ” photographic/speed detection device evidence”. so I suppose it is a camera – does not say which type. There are yellow cameras on that road ( B 4135, Sandwell, W Midlands).

I honestly cannot remember speeding consciously as there are cameras there and I was on the way to work (hospital, I am a doctor) so I drove there every day and was certainly aware of the cameras and I watched my speed. But how can I be absolutely sure?

I have had a driving licence for 5 years, no points so far and I allegedly drove 39 mph in a 30 zone. With regard to this, what is likely to happen?

Are they likely to issue a fixed penalty notice of £60 and three points, and should I just accept it or should I contest? What is the likeliness of the camera not being up to standard? Is there a possibility of being offered a driving course and should I accept it?

Louise Says:

If you accept that you were the only possible driver then you need to complete the form naming yourself otherwise you risk 6 points for failing to do so.

If you are adamant that you were not speeding then you should reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing but you will have to cast a doubt on the reliability of the prosecution evidence by showing that the police evidence is unreliable.

You wont know whether or not the officer did his job properly re calibration etc until you commit to a court hearing.

If you accept responsibility then you may be offered the speed awareness course as an alternative to points. If they offer it I suggest you take it if you can. Your speed was low and they would normally offer the course up to 39 in a 30.

Come back to me if you want to fight this otherwise keep my details in case of any future need.

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