Two Speeding Offences Or One?


My wife received these 2 NIP’s in around 4 minutes! Its her first offence in some 20 years of driving and I therefore wondered if its worth contesting/asking for leniency etc. Would be grateful for your thoughts on how to proceed?

Louise Says:

What’s the speed limit for the road in the second NIP where she is accused of 62mph?

It may be possible to argue that these offences occurred on the same occasion and are in fact one continuous offence rather than two. This way your wife will avoid 3 of the points.

The police are not great at understanding these arguments and it may require rejecting the tickets and asking for a court hearing.

If you would like my help I will be happy to liaise with the police for your wife and try and sort it out. There are two pieces of legislation that support that she should only get one set of points.

The arguments relate to the offences occurring on the same occasion and that the charges are in fact duplicitous. We have won many similar arguments.

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