No Right Turn


I have been issued with a PCN relating to (if you have heard of on it on the BBC News) Wilton Road, Victoria in London.

As I approached the junction, there were sudden signs ahead indicating no right turn. I had already decided to turn right and it was confusing and dangerous for me to suddenly decide to go straight ahead as I should have done.

I soon found out from a cabbie that a camera had been enforced and I would definitely get a ticket.

Exactly a week later, going through the same route a second time, I noticed mammoth notices of road closure ahead including one of a camera enforcement.

Should there legally have been a notice to the public about a camera in action?

Graham Says:

There is no legal requirement to warn of an enforcement camera and the failure to warn is not a defence I’m afraid.

The only defence would be that it wasn’t signed properly (re the prohibition on turning right) or you didn’t contravene it.

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