What Does s.172 RTA 1988 Mean?


What does this offence s.172 RTA 1988 mean? I do not actually know who was driving my car. I am aware of the offences of which it was involved in however will I be made liable for such under the above alleged offence? What is the maximum penalty for such offences ?

 Dominic Says:

The offence is failing to name the driver in relation to an alleged road traffic offence.

Under s.172 RTA 1988, the police are allowed to ask anyone that they think may hold the information. If you know the answer you must provide the information otherwise you will be at risk of 6 points and a hefty fine.

You can defend the allegation if you can show that you have used all reasonable diligence to figure out who was driving.

Is anyone else insured to drive your car? What’s the original alleged offence?

These are not easy to defend but I have just over a 96% success rate.

Do you want to tell me what’s actually happened and I may be able to help further. Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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