Company Car – Fail To Name Driver


I have received a summons for a traffic offense which was committed by a driver I am unable to identify. I have a clean driving license.

The car is longer in my possession. This was company car which had my name on the Log Book also.

I have co-operated in corresponding with the investigating officer and carried out an internal investigation but unable to obtain who was driving the car at the time of the contravention.

I would like to plead my innocence to avoid any further action.

Can you assist me?

Dominic Says:

I can help you and I defend over 96% of these allegations. I get over 80% withdrawn without trial.

On the basis of what you have said so far you will have a potential Statutory defence. We would have to show that it was not practicable for you to supply the information and/or you have used reasonable diligence to figure out who was driving.

Come back to me and I will be happy to help further.

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