Friend Told Me He Was Insured


I bought a vehicle 2 months ago and I did not intend to use it until I get my full licence, therefore I did not buy any insurance for that vehicle.

A friend of mine had to use my car for some reason, so I told him that I had no insurance for my vehicle if he going to use that he have to responsible and so he agreed. He also show me his licence to drive although its not a British one but it is still valid, he agreed and I permitted him to use my vehicle.

I was under the impression that he is going to obtain the insurance. One day, he drove my vehicle and get caught for driving without insurance and valid licence.

I got charged for allowing him to drive and ended with 2 offense, will I be ended up points being imposed on my licence? How much fine will be getting? I still on my provisional, I would’ve not allowing this to happened as it jeopardizes my opportunity to obtain a full license.

Is there a chance the judge not to imposed any penalty points on me if I argue for a Special Reason?

Paula Says:

You may have a defence to the allegation of permitting him to drive without insurance if you made it a precondition of use that he had to be insured.

Have you got a court hearing date yet? If so when is it?

If the defence doesn’t work then you may have a special reasons argument to avoid the points. You will still be able to take your test if you get 6 points you just won’t be able to get any more points in the first two years.

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