Driving Father’s Car Uninsured


First, thank you for such a helpful website. My friend Yossi who has asked me to ask this question was “caught” driving without insurance at the drop off area at Heathrow airport. He has fully comp insurance and was driving his father’s car thinking he had third party on it which he ultimately did not.

I am wondering whether he can enter a plea in mitigation for special reasons that he is only driver in family and has 5 kids and 6th on the way and these 6 points on his licence (that he has now received) – in addition to 3 points already there – will mean that he is very close to losing licence which will make family life almost impossible. Thank you

Paula Says:

Thank you for your kind comments about our website.

Your friend may have a special reasons argument based on the fact that he was driving under the genuine misapprehension that he was insured.

I succeed with these arguments 75% of the time. Why did he think that he was covered? Was it due to his age that he was uninsured?

Tell me more.

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