Not Covered By Insurance For Girlfriend’s Car


I am 22 years of age with a full UK driving licence, my other half has just started driving and is still a learner driver, I was driving her car to pick her up. Got pulled and got told was not insured completely unaware I was causing a crime. 6 points will make me lose my licence.

I have never broken the law, and pay full insurance on my car and pay the insurance on the other car for my other half. It looks as if a lot of people over look this as it is not clearly known! Will the courts look at the case in a different way if I am liable to lose my job and possible claim off dole/job seekers as surely they would not want to be housing and paying for me to live?

Also to take into consideration I am legal to sit next to my partner and tell her how to drive but not legal to get her out of a situation she may not feel comfortable in??? Surely that is a massive loop hole in the law. Please get back to me.

Many thanks.

Paula Says:

We may be able to save your licence. Did you think you had fully comprehensive insurance covering you to drive her vehicle or is this about the fact that you owned both vehicles? Tell me more.

Have you got 6 points already or are you a new driver?

I need to know more about this to be able to help you further. If you want my help I will do a free advice call with you.

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