Making A False Statement To Get Insurance


How serious are the alleged offences and is it likely to lead to imprisonment? Also, MUST I attend court if I pay a traffic solicitor to attend on my behalf i.e. judgement to be made in absentia? I have given a guilty plea to these allegations and have no intentions of changing my plea. Will be grateful for your advice.


(1)Make a false statement to obtain insurance. (2)Use of a motor vehicle w/o 3rd party insurance. (3)Drive a motor vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence.

Paula Says:

The making a false statement is the most serious allegation. What did you actually say? Have you got the statements from the prosecution yet? It would be good to see them.

If you have no previous convictions for dishonesty then you wont get a prison sentence but you will be at risk of 6-8 points and a hefty fine. If it’s a nasty false declaration you could be at risk of a community sentence even if you have never committed a similar offence. Tell me more.

Have you got any points already? Would you like my help with your mitigation? You will still have to attend court if you have been bailed to attend? Tell me more about that.

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