Speed Cameras Don’t Need Speed Camera Warning Signs


If you think that the police need to have a speed camera warning sign in place before you can be convicted of a speeding offence – you are wrong !

Emma Says:

Lots of drivers are under the misapprehension that there is a statutory requirement for warning signs to be in place before they can be convicted of a speeding offence.

The bottom line is there doesn’t need to be a warning sign, there are guidelines that suggest there should be, but they are only guidelines and not a legal requirement.

The court will only be interested in whether or not the officer’s evidence in relation to your speed is reliable. If they are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that it is then you will be convicted irrespective of whether or not there was a warning sign. If anything they are likely to be irritated by grumblings that there were no warning signs regarding the speed trap. As long as the speed limit itself is properly signed they will have little sympathy with your argument.

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