Twice The Speed Limit Alleged


I was driving past a police officer doing speed limit 30mph, the police turned round and came after me. I saw them turn round in the middle of the road so pulled over straight away assuming they were after me as it was 12.24 at night and have been routinely pulled before.

They did not have flashing lights on, but just pulled in behind me. They accused me of doing double the speed limit. I completely disagree with this. They have no evidence whatsoever just their opinion. He told me if I choose to appeal and go to court he and his colleague would stand up in court and say I was doing twice the speed limit!

He gave me a choice to have a FPN. He proceeded to write me out a fpn for 45mph saying it was the most they could write without it going to court even though he originally said he thought I was doing 60mph. (seems he is just guessing) Do I have a case or is it a case of policeman’s word is final? Any help greatly appreciated

Louise Says:

If two police officers claim that you were speeding then you will probably struggle to defend the matter. You have to cast a doubt to defend the allegation. The officers don’t have to produce evidence from an independent speed detection device. They can corroborate each other.

Come back to me if you want to fight this matter and take it to court but if they suggest that you were doing twice the limit you may well put yourself at risk of a ban.

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