I Had To Speed Up As My Pregnant Wife Was In Pain


I was stopped by police and given the above penalty due to driving at a speed of 52mph on 30mph road. On one side of the roundabout the speed limit was 40 whilst on the other side of the same round about the speed limit was 30 which I was not aware of.

The reason I was speeding is, my wife is pregnant on 30 weeks. She needed to go to toilet and was very anxious that she was having a pain, which may cause harm to the baby. Hence, she was persuading me to drive fast to get to the nearest toilet.

On the way the Police officer stopped me, although I explained to him the situation and the reason for driving fast, he did not consider my wife’s circumstances at all.

Therefore, I would like to dispute the Police officers’ decision.

Please could you advice me the likelihood of me winning the verdict of judge on my favour.

Louise Says:

To be honest you were lucky to get a fixed penalty offer for traveling at 52 in a 30 limit. It’s the sort of speed that would normally lead to a court summons rather than a ticket and 3 points. I suspect that was the officer’s way of being kind.

If you take the matter to court you will have a very good special reasons argument and we may be able to avoid the points altogether, but you have to be aware that there is a risk.

The court may not accept your explanation and you could be at risk of 4/5 points instead of 3. You will also get higher fines and court costs if the court don’t believe you.

I can help you with this matter and I am very good at special reasons arguments. I would charge a fixed fee of £600 plus vat to make the application for you.

This includes your representation at court. In the first instance I would try and persuade the CPS to drop the case. If they agree then you would get your legal fees back. I am assuming that your wife will give a statement to back up what you say.

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