Thought I Was Covered 3rd Party – But My Car Had Been Scrapped


I was stopped driving a friends car today and was told I have no insurance to drive it. My car insurance policy covers me to drive someone else’s car 3rd party. So I believed that I was insured. The reason they said I had no insurance was because my car was scrapped.

I was not aware of this as I had given my car to a mechanic to do MOT repairs and he had scrapped it without my knowledge or so it seems (I have been unable to contact him yet) I have explained this to the police at the time but they did not really seem interested.

Please help I have not had my licence long and I really don’t want to lose it.

Paula Says:

It all depends on whether or not your insurance was still valid. If you had a certificate of insurance then you need to have a look at the terms. If the terms say that the insurance lapses if you no longer have the car in question then you won’t be covered.

You may however have a strong special reasons argument to avoid the points.

What’s at stake here? Are you a new driver or do you have 6 points already? Tell me more and I will probably be able to help you avoid the points.

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