Speed Trap – No Warning Signs


I was caught on a camera mounted on a roadside tripod in front of a white van. There where none of the bright markings that are on police vehicles it was just a plain white van with its rear door open (I have photo’s of it).

Also I drive down this road every day and there are no fixed road signs displaying the speed camera warning sign. Is this legal for both no signs and an un-marked van?

A friend who was also caught said that a sign had been attached to a lamp post during the day then subsequently removed after the van had finished for the day, seems like a pure money making scam to me.

 Louise Says:

Sorry but these are guidelines and not a statutory requirement. The police can dress in camouflage and hide in a bush if they so chose.

The only statutory requirements are that the evidence of speed is reliable and the speed limit for the road is lawfully signed – by a system of street lighting not more than 200 yds or with terminal signs and regular repeaters. One or the other will do.

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