He Was Speeding


Careless driving cause of accident

I was turning right when all clear then suddenly out of the blue this car comes speeding up most be doing about 70 in a 40, swerves to on coming lane then back to the right lane so I keep going to clear it then swerves back over accelerating hitting me near direct on he’s on coming lane and he veers off to the right if he stayed in his lane he probably would of just flown by me even though I still had my back on his side.

I’m getting told I might be getting done for careless driving and that it well be my fault just hoping you can shed some light on it seeing he was the one in and out of lane and when he hit me he was nearly as far right as you can get.

Louise Says:

I understand your concern. The other driver will probably be suggesting that he had right of way and that he was not speeding.

You are going to be at risk of 3-9 points – have you got any points already? You will have to show that he was speeding to stand any chance of defending this matter.

Would you like my help. Have you been summons to court or have the police just warned you that they might?

Out of the last 55 cases that I have taken on at this stage only 5 have resulted in a court summons.

Come back to me if I can assist further. I charge a fixed fee (see our fees here) for this service.

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